Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Exploring Childhood Studies conference announcement

Exploring Childhood Studies, A Graduate Student Conference
Rutgers University, Camden

Registration is now open!

The Graduate Student Organization of the Department of Childhood Studies at Rutgers University-Camden proudly announces its first graduate student conference to be held April 09, 2010 on the Camden, New Jersey campus.

The field of childhood studies engages in both theoretical and empirical study of children and childhood within historical, contemporary, interdisciplinary, multi-cultural, state, national, and global contexts. The multi-disciplinary nature of the field is one of its greatest strengths and the core of its remarkable potential for scholarly advancement, but also leaves the field open for exploration and interrogation, and its borders difficult, if not impossible, to define.

The Exploring Childhood Studies conference proposes defining Childhood Studies by doing childhood studies. Papers will investigate childhood as a construct, children as a category, and the child as a real living human. The central focus of the 36 finalized papers will also be to interrogate the field of Childhood Studies itself. These 36 papers will be presented by graduate students from around the world, ranging across disciplines as widely as the field itself. Multi-disciplinary panels will center around the following themes:

* Space and Place
* Play
* Girls and Identity
* Outsider Identities
* Poverty
* Migration
* Rights
* Children and Nation
* Law
* The Care of Kids
* Science

Registration for The Exploring Childhood Studies conference is $15.00 and includes light breakfast, full lunch and reception. To register please call +1-856-225-6211.

For further information visit or contact panel co-chairs Patrick Cox ( or Anandini Dar (

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