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Subjectivity - Table of Contents alert Volume 4 Issue 2


Volume 4, Issue 2 (July 2011)


Original Articles


Cinema of social recuperation: Xenophobic violence and migrant subjectivity in contemporary South Africa

Helene Strauss

Subjectivity 2011 4: 103-120; 10.1057/sub.2011.7

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Captives of identity: The betrayal of intercultural cooperation

Marcelo Svirsky

Subjectivity 2011 4: 121-146; 10.1057/sub.2011.1

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Ideal and unsullied: Purity, subjectivity and social power

Robbie Duschinsky

Subjectivity 2011 4: 147-167; 10.1057/sub.2011.2

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Heterotopia revisited: Foucault and Lacan on feminine subjectivity

Angie Voela

Subjectivity 2011 4: 168-182; 10.1057/sub.2011.5

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The dancing body-subject: Merleau-Ponty's mirror stage in the dance studio

Aimie Purser

Subjectivity 2011 4: 183-203; 10.1057/sub.2011.4

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Book Reviews


Subjectivity: Ethnographic investigations

Thomas Csordas

Subjectivity 2011 4: 204-206; 10.1057/sub.2011.3

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Why feminism matters: Feminism lost and found

Deborah M Withers

Subjectivity 2011 4: 206-209; 10.1057/sub.2011.6

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Object relations and social relations: The implications of the relational turn in psychoanalysis

Gavin Ivey

Subjectivity 2010 4: 210-214; 10.1057/sub.2010.1

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