Montag, 9. Februar 2009

call for papers - Special issue of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations

Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
Special Issue: Group Processes and Intergroup Relations in Intergroup Negotiation

Guest Editors:
Stéphanie Demoulin (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium) & Carsten K. W. de Dreu (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Group Processes and Intergroup Relations seeks submissions for a special issue on Group Processes and Intergroup Relations in Intergroup Negotiation.

Although conflicts most often occur between groups, research and theory on conflict management and negotiation has largely focused on the interpersonal system and ignored how groups negotiate a solution to their intergroup conflict. Thus, we have a thorough understanding of the motivational, cognitive and affective processes underlying the development of high quality solutions in interpersonal negotiation, but we know little about the extent to which these insights can be comfortably generalized to intergroup settings. Likewise, the large volume on intergroup perceptions and intergroup relations has much to say about intergroup negotiation but, these research areas have been rarely connected and produced systematic analysis.

The goals of this special issue are to present current research on these topics and to promote crosstalk between negotiation researchers and social psychologists in the intergroup relation domain. We are particularly interested in empirical or conceptual work proceeding from a multi-level perspective in which top-down or bottom-up influences are modeled and investigated. Top-down influences refer to the ways intergroup relations constrain the psychological processes between negotiating individuals. Bottom-up influences consider how psychological processes between negotiating individuals drive intergroup relations.

Submissions should be made electronically through the online submission website: [ ] In the submission letter, indicate that the MS is submitted for consideration for publication in the Special Issue on Group Processes and Intergroup Relations in Intergroup Negotiation. Please direct inquiries to the guest editor, Stéphanie Demoulin, [ ]

The deadline for submissions is October 01, 2009.
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