Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

Marxism and Contemporary Political Economy

Marxist Literary Group
Annual Institute on Culture and Society
"Marxism and Contemporary Political Economy"
2009 CFP

The Marxist Literary Group's annual Institute on Culture and Society 
(MLG-ICS) will convene this summer in Portland, Oregon, June 16-20, 
on the campus of Portland State University. The five-day Institute 
will feature an intensive workshop on the current economic crisis 
featuring Martin Hart-Landsberg (Monthly Review/Lewis & Clark 
College), Robin Hahnel (American University/Portland State), and Doug 
Henwood (Left Business Observer).

Reading groups will be held on the French Regulation School led by 
Mathias Nilges; on Marx, fictional capital and the Wertkritik School 
led by Neil Larsen; and on Participatory Economics by Robin Hahnel.  
As always, intensive reading groups on selections from Marx's Capital 
are planned (volunteers are invited).  The institute features 
consecutive (as opposed to simultaneous) panels.

The organizing committee is now accepting submissions for panel and 
paper proposals. As always, any work that engages seriously with the 
Marxist tradition will be considered. The special topic of this 
year's ICS is
"Marxism and Contemporary Political Economy." Papers that deal with 
this topic are especially welcome, though not required. Selected 
papers will be published in the online journal mediations.

Paper abstracts should be less than 250 words. Panel proposals should 
include the name and contact information of the panel organizer, a 
rationale for the panel, presenters' names, affiliations, paper 
titles, and abstracts of no more than 250 words. Please send 
submissions (preferably as MS Word or standard e-mail text files) 
with a cover email including presenter or panel organizer contact
information to medovoi@pdx.edu  by March 15 2009.

Housing options will include both local hotels (approximately $89 a 
room for up to two) and a dormitory option (approximately $40 a room 
for up to two).  Please indicate a housing preference if you expect 
to need one, so we can estimate our needs.
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