Montag, 1. Februar 2010

CfP: “The Dialectic”

Call for Papers
2010 Marxist Literary Group, Institute on Culture and Society
Special Topic: “The Dialectic”
Deadline for Proposals: February 15, 2010.

The 2010 Marxist Literary Group's Institute on Culture and Society
(MLG-ICS) will convene this summer in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada,
June 15-20, on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University. The
(particularly timely) special topic of the 2010 ICS will be “The

The Institute will feature consecutive (as opposed to
parallel/simultaneous) sessions, consisting of traditional panels,
roundtables, film screenings, performances, and social events.
Additionally, intensive daily reading and discussion groups will be held
on “Adorno and the Materialist Dialectic” led by Rich Daniels, on Fredric
Jameson’s Valences of the Dialectic led by Nicholas Brown, and on other
facets of dialectical thought (volunteers are invited to submit proposals
for further reading groups).

Well-known for its intellectual rigor and collegial atmosphere since being
founded by Fredric Jameson and a number of his graduate students in
1969/70, the ICS brings together emerging and established scholars each
year for 5 full days of dialogue and collaboration. As is custom, the
Institute’s organizers attempt to keep critical production high and
participants’ costs low. In 2010, participants will, once again, be able
to select from several on-campus housing options, which at StFX are
cost-efficient, new and beautiful, and will contribute to the friendly and
social environment the Institute thrives upon. Housing options include
individual rooms, shared apartment-style residences, hotel-style
residences, and more—each option will include generous common spaces and
close proximity to the conference center. Detailed information regarding
housing, travel, and further logistics will be sent out to all
participants. For general information on St. Francis Xavier University,
Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the facilities the Institute will utilize,
see: (StFX has just launched a new
website, so please excuse potential glitches as our webmasters streamline
content and infrastructure).

Confirmed speakers for the 2010 ICS include:

Ian Balfour (York University)
Karyn Ball (University of Alberta)
Timothy Bewes (Brown University)
Nicholas Brown (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Eric Cazdyn (University of Toronto)
Ainsworth Clarke (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Rebecca Comay (University of Toronto)
Rich Daniels (Oregon State University)
Len Findlay (University of Saskatchewan)
Barbara Foley (Rutgers University)
Jason Gladstone (Wake Forest University)
Peter Hitchcock (City University of New York)
Neil Larsen (University of California, Davis)
Leerom Medovoi (Portland State University)
Justin Paulson (Carleton University)
Modhumita Roy (Tufts University)
Imre Szeman (University of Alberta)
Daniel Worden (University of Colorado)

(this is only a preliminary list)

The organizing committee is now accepting proposals for individual
presentations and panels (3 presentations plus respondent/4
presentations). We are particularly interested in work that engages with
any facet of dialectical critique and dialectical thought (including
antecedents and rigorous refutations thereof). However, as always, any
work that engages seriously with the Marxist tradition will be considered.
Selected papers of each Institute will be published in Mediations, the
journal of the Marxist Literary Group ( As indicated above, we also accept
proposals for reading groups, roundtables, film screenings, and cultural
performances that deal with the Institute’s special topic.

Proposals for individual papers should be 250 words in length, include A/V
requests (if necessary), a short bio sketch, and contact information.
Panel proposals should include a brief rationale for the panel (100 words
or less), bio sketch and contact information of the panel organizer, as
well as presenters' names, bio sketches and contact information, paper
titles, and abstracts of no more than 250 words each. Proposals for all
other events should follow the same formula (descriptions should also not
exceed a length of 250 words for each presenter/performer). Please send
submissions as .doc, .docx, or .pdf files by Monday, February 15, 2010 to:

For questions about the ICS, logistics, travel and other concerns,
contact: nilgesm[at]
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