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Feminist Review - Table of Contents alert Volume 98 Issue 1


Volume 98, Issue 1 (July 2011)



Islam and gender in Europe: subjectivities, politics and piety

Schirin Amir-Moazami, Christine M Jacobsen & Maleiha Malik

Fem Rev 2011 98: 1-8; 10.1057/fr.2011.9

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dialogue as a governmental technique: managing gendered Islam in Germany

Schirin Amir-Moazami

Fem Rev 2011 98: 9-27; 10.1057/fr.2011.8

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subjects of debate: secular and sexual exceptionalism, and Muslim women in the Netherlands

Sarah Bracke

Fem Rev 2011 98: 28-46; 10.1057/fr.2011.5

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beyond emancipation: subjectivities and ethics among women in Europe's Islamic revival communities

Jeanette S Jouili

Fem Rev 2011 98: 47-64; 10.1057/fr.2011.4

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troublesome threesome: feminism, anthropology and Muslim women's piety

Christine M Jacobsen

Fem Rev 2011 98: 65-82; 10.1057/fr.2011.10

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not-/unveiling as an ethical practice

Nadia Fadil

Fem Rev 2011 98: 83-109; 10.1057/fr.2011.12

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regimes of visibility: representing violence against women in the French banlieue

Sarah Dornhof

Fem Rev 2011 98: 110-127; 10.1057/fr.2011.2

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Open Space


NiqaBitch and Princess Hijab: Niqab activism, satire and street art

Annelies Moors

Fem Rev 2011 98: 128-135; 10.1057/fr.2011.11

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Non Themed Articles


disowning dependence: single women's collective struggle for independence and land rights in northwestern India

Kim Berry

Fem Rev 2011 98: 136-152; 10.1057/fr.2011.7

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gender, migration and the ambiguous enterprise of professionalizing domestic service: the case of vocational training for the unemployed in France

Francesca Scrinzi

Fem Rev 2011 98: 153-172; 10.1057/fr.2011.6

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re-reading horror stories: maternity, disability and narrative in Doris Lessing's The Fifth Child

Emily Clark

Fem Rev 2011 98: 173-189; 10.1057/fr.2011.3

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gendered embodiments: mapping the body-politic of the raped woman and the nation in Bangladesh

Nayanika Mookherjee

Fem Rev 2011 98: 190; 10.1057/fr.2011.32

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Book Reviews


transnational feminism in film and media

Irene Gedalof

Fem Rev 2011 98: e1-e3; 10.1057/fr.2011.18

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temporarily yours: intimacy, authenticity, and the commerce of sex

Rutvica Andrijasevic

Fem Rev 2011 98: e4-e6; 10.1057/fr.2011.20

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desire: a history of European sexuality

Mary Evans

Fem Rev 2011 98: e7-e8; 10.1057/fr.2011.15

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migrant women transforming citizenship: life-stories from Britain and Germany

Gabriella Alberti

Fem Rev 2011 98: e9-e11; 10.1057/fr.2011.16

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book review

Mehri Honarbin-Holliday

Fem Rev 2011 98: e12-e16; 10.1057/fr.2011.19

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Indian feminisms: law, patriarchies, and violence in India

Dia Da Costa

Fem Rev 2011 98: e17-e19; 10.1057/fr.2011.14

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Afghan women: identity and invasion

Spogmai Akseer

Fem Rev 2011 98: e20-e22; 10.1057/fr.2011.17

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