Montag, 20. Juni 2011

New book: Healing Personal Psychology

Long-time RadPsyNet member Jasenn Zaejien, Ph.D, has published a book titled "Healing Personal Psychology."

A summary of the book by its author, and how it can be purchased, is shown below.

 Healing Personal Psychology

The publication of Healing Personal Psychology serves a dual purpose. The reader is presented with a learning tool to heal both a failed system and a personal range of problems-in-living, from decision making and choice to more severe issues commonly referred to as "mental illness."

We learn how psychology and psychiatry continues to present a folie à deux or shared public delusion that it is focused on healing, when it is not.

From its roots in 19th Century German authoritarianism and oppression to the present state of the field, little has changed. Mainstream clinical psychology and psychiatry, by their very natures, engage in some of the most repressive practices in modern society. The metaphor of the clinical gaze has served as the bedrock of these professions, as well as a source of failure to effectively heal.

Cleverly hidden from the public, is the fact that the concept of "mental illness" has never been established by rigorous science to qualify as an "illness" or disease. The concept of "mental illness," the yearly source of billions of dollars in corporate, government, and professional revenues, continues to be created or invented by selected moral judgments and committee discussions, not science. On close inspection, we see that the primary function of "mental health" professionals is to serve as moral arbiters of human behavior. This is sanctioned by an uninformed legislature that has granted clinical psychology and psychiatry the legal rights to define certain behaviors as "mental illness." Behaviors are defined as such, not by science as the professions would have us believe, but by morally tinged personal (clinical) opinion.

Supporting the thesis of this failure with factual references, we are taken on an experiential journey through the system to see the devastation "mental health" treatment has caused by psychotherapeutic
incompetence and the creation of disease, including central nervous system, motor neuron, and organ diseases found in different studies to range between 10%-75% of all those treated. Not to mention the personal ruin caused for millions of people every year, by effectively eliminating their freedom of choice to engage in a pleasurable life existence.

The author brings more than 30 years of experience to bear as a well-trained clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, academician, hospital administrator, clinical manager, and investigator in pointing towards a healthy way out. Valuable resources for healing from surprising sources are illustrated, with references for daily practice. This book can be utilized by professionals and the public, both as an instructive textbook on alternative healing approaches for psychosis, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, obsessive or compulsive
behaviors, trauma or post-traumatic related difficulties, and as a resource that documents the system of oppression and inconsistent level of competence in the clinical psychology and psychiatry professions.

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ISBN980986033019 ©2011— 384 Indexed Pages–6x9x1— Jacketed Cloth
Available at Amazon, B. & N., and retail stores – $32.72

ISBN 9780983066019
Digital Edition (e-Book) available, with expanded references

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