Sonntag, 14. August 2011

call for papers for BISA-ISA

> >Please find below a call for papers for a panel entitled 'De/Re-
> constructing the political: How do critical approaches to
> "security" frame our understanding of the political?'. The 2012
> International BISA-ISA Conference will be taking place in
> Edinburgh on 20-22 June 2012.
> >
> >The influx in Critical Security Studies scholarship (henceforth
> CSS) in recent years shows an increasing focus on how security
> practices are intertwined with the 'political'. From every-day
> security practices, like surveillance, to global 'states of
> emergency', CSS continues to point out the links between
> security practices and articulations and the wider context of
> politics. This panel, therefore, is interested in the
> relationships between security practices and the political,
> broadly defined, and specifically in how CSS can help us
> transform, and reimagine, the political. Does CSS lend itself to
> more radical approaches to transforming the social and political
> spheres? Is/Should CSS be seen as a political project? What can
> it teach us about the relation between security and politics
> that mainstream approaches cannot?
> >
> >We welcome papers which address the impact of critical
> approaches/theories/practices on the landscape of security
> studies, whether they be reflexive think-pieces on
> methodologies, subject matters or theoretical approaches to
> security. Main themes we are interested in exploring are:
> >
> >- The linkages between how articulations/performances of
> 'security' connect to the conduct of politics.
> >- Locating the political in critical scholarly enquiry.
> >- The diversity in the methodological and epistemological
> approaches to CSS.
> >
> >Please send abstracts of up to 200 words to Anna Maria Friis
> Kristensen poamj[at] and/or Moran Mandelbaum
> pommm[at] by Friday, 26th August 2011.
> >
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