Freitag, 4. November 2011

ARCP 2011 - Marxism and Psychology out now

ANNUAL REVIEW OF CRITICAL PSYCHOLOGY 9 on 'Marxism and Psychology' edited by Michael Arfken is available now:


Contents: INTRODUCTION: Marxist Scholarship and Psychological Practice (MICHAEL ARFKEN); Marxism and Psychology Conference 2010 (IAN PARKER); ARTICLES: Knowldge and Interest in Psychology: From Ideology to Ideology Critique and Beyond (GORDANA JOVANOVIĆ); Reconstructing the Critique of Ideology: A Critical-Hermeneutic and Psychological Outline (THOMAS TEO); Re-Imagining Non-Domination: Troubling Assumptions in Psychoanalytic Critical Theory (BOGDAN POPA); The Role of Technology in Herbert Marcuse' s Eros and Civilization (JAMES MCMAHON); Hidden Trends: Reason, Renunciation and Liberation in Marcuse's Appropriation of Hegel and Freud (ELLIOTT BUCKLAND); Meditation of the Socialist Dream: Psychoanalysis, Psychology, and the Political Organization of a Discipline (GREGORY FLEMMING); Marx in Lacan: Proletarian Truth in Opposition to Capitalist Psychology (DAVID PAVÓN-CUÉLLAR); To Sell Marx in North America is to Not Sell Marx (BRAD PIEKKOLA); Ideology Beyond Marx: Shame, Disambiguation, and the Social Fashioning of Reparation (STEVE LAROCCO); The Malleable and Open Body: Emancipatory or Oppressive? (CLIFFORD VAN OMMEN & VASI VAN DEVENTER); Identity Recognition and the Normative Challenge of Crowd Psychology (RADU NECULAU); Marxian Currents in Latin and North American Community Psychology (RAVI GOKANI); The Development of Development: A Post-Marxist Analysis of the Development of Hegemonic Developmental Psychology (JOANNA WASIAK); Wresting Change as a Liberating Concept: Lessons Learned from Teen Moms in a Liberation Psychology Workshop (COLLEEN MACQUARRIE, EMILY RUTLEDGE & LORRAINE BEGLEY).


You can download the complete 140 page special issue from

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