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PsySR Conference: CfP Extended & Registration Now Open (#psysr #occupy #conference #cfp http://critpsych.blogspot.com) "Psychology and the Occupy Movement: Synergies for Social Change" July 12-14, 2012 Trinity Washington University, Washington, DC. C

Registration is now open for PsySR's 30th Anniversary Conference in July -- and it's not too late to submit a proposal for the conference! Please visit the conference webpage at www.psysr.org/conference2012, and please help disseminate this announcement.

"Psychology and the Occupy Movement: Synergies for Social Change"

PsySR's 30th Anniversary Conference

 July 12-14, 2012

 Trinity Washington University, Washington, DC




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We invite psychologists, other professionals, researchers, teachers, students, activists, and artists to join Psychologists for Social Responsibility for our July 2012 Conference at Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC: "Psychology and the Occupy Movement: Synergies for Social Change."


The Occupy Movement in the United States, inspired by the earlier Arab Spring uprisings in North Africa and the Wisconsin Movement, is using creative, nonviolent methods to decry inequities in our society. It is enlisting citizens from all walks of life to right injustices of wealth and power and to stop the use of violence to perpetuate these injustices. This 30th anniversary PsySR conference will explore the relationship between psychology and the Occupy Movement and the synergies this relationship can generate in the service of social justice. We will focus on three areas:


Critiquing Psychology's Role in and Relationship to Injustice: Psychology itself plays a role in the inequities of power, money, and aggression. We seek to "occupy psychology" by addressing our own demonstrated potential for injustice in clinical, military, law enforcement, academic, and commercial settings, and considering countervisions to prevailing norms for diagnosis and treatment, professional ethics, and psychological research.


Broadening Psychology Toward Social Justice and Inclusion: A socially responsible psychology engages psychologies of liberation and indigenous psychologies, local and global advocacy, unjust practices and policies, participatory action research, and liberation arts.


Aligning Psychology to Support and Learn From the Occupy Movement: PsySR invites presenters to nourish psychologists' imaginations regarding how their own skills, resources, and understandings can be used to support efforts for social and economic justice, dynamic peace, and sustainability.


The conference officially begins on Thursday afternoon (July 12th) and concludes on Saturday evening (July 14th). 



We also encourage you to join PsySR or renew your membership for the upcoming 2012-2013 year--through May 2013-- when you register for the conference. In so doing, you'll receive an additional discount on conference registration, as reflected in the registration fees below. Registration includes a reception, a dinner, two lunches, and snacks. Membership dues and a portion of conference registration are tax-deductible. You will receive an email confirmation for your tax records.


SPECIAL NOTE: We're eager to make this conference as affordable as we can for individuals with limited incomes. If you are able to do so, please consider including a donation to our SOLIDARITY FUND when you register for the conference. The current student and limited income fees are substantially lower than our break-even point so it is only the generous donations to the Solidarity Fund that enable us to offer these lower registration fees for students and others on limited incomes. Thank You!

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Trinity Washington University has a block of dormitory rooms available at discounted rate (16 rooms at $75 double occupancy, 7 rooms at $100 triple occupancy, all with private bathroom).  These rooms are available on a first-come basis, with preference given to those wishing to share the rooms.  Information about other options for reasonably priced local hotels and for other economical accommodations is available on the conference webpage.

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