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Issue 101 (July 2012)

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gender and conflict

Lori A Allen & Laura J Shepherd

Fem Rev 2012 101: 1-4; 10.1057/fr.2012.1

Abstract | Full Text | PDF



trans- bodies in/of war(s): cisprivilege and contemporary security strategy

Laura J Shepherd & Laura Sjoberg

Fem Rev 2012 101: 5-23; 10.1057/fr.2011.53

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

'it was better during the war': narratives of everyday violence in a Palestinian refugee camp

Nadia Latif

Fem Rev 2012 101: 24-40; 10.1057/fr.2011.55

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

traversing the 'particular' through the 'universal': the politics of negotiating violent masculinities in Cambodia

Mona Lilja

Fem Rev 2012 101: 41-58; 10.1057/fr.2011.49

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

gender at the crossroad of conflict: tsunami and peace in post-2005 Aceh

Katrina Lee-Koo

Fem Rev 2012 101: 59-77; 10.1057/fr.2011.54

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

resistance at the limits: feminist activism and conscientious objection in Israel

Katherine Natanel

Fem Rev 2012 101: 78-96; 10.1057/fr.2011.51

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

militarism, conflict and women's activism in the global era: challenges and prospects for women in three West African contexts

Amina Mama & Margo Okazawa-Rey

Fem Rev 2012 101: 97-123; 10.1057/fr.2011.57

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Open Space


rethinking female militancy in postcolonial Bengal

Mallarika Sinha Roy

Fem Rev 2012 101: 124-131; 10.1057/fr.2011.56

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

imagi(ni)ng gender and conflict

Adam Jones

Fem Rev 2012 101: 132-141; 10.1057/fr.2011.72

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Book Reviews


pole dancing, empowerment and embodiment

Esther Bott

Fem Rev 2012 101: e1-e2; 10.1057/fr.2012.6

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

de-centring western sexualities: Central and Eastern European perspectives

Emma Spruce

Fem Rev 2012 101: e3-e4; 10.1057/fr.2012.7

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

activist sentiments: reading black women in the nineteenth century

M Giulia Fabi

Fem Rev 2012 101: e5-e8; 10.1057/fr.2012.3

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

hypertext and the female imaginary

Carolyn Pedwell

Fem Rev 2012 101: e9-e11; 10.1057/fr.2012.2

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

empowering migrant women: why agency and rights are not enough

Leah Bassel

Fem Rev 2012 101: e12-e13; 10.1057/fr.2012.4

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

work's intimacy

Emma Dowling

Fem Rev 2012 101: e14-e16; 10.1057/fr.2012.5

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

women's work: labour, gender, authorship, 1750–1830

Kathryn Gleadle

Fem Rev 2012 101: e17-e18; 10.1057/fr.2012.8

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

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