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Conference "The Psychology of Emotion and Feeling" 8 April 2015

Lauren Ward

Wednesday, 8 April 2015 from 09:30 to 17:30 (BST)

Northampton, United Kingdom
The Psychology of Emotion and Feeling

 This free one day student conference aims to provide a friendly and welcoming environment where students can explore the nature of emotion and feeling, and critically consider how this shapes our understanding of emotion today. Key themes in emotion and feeling based literature will be examined, providing students will the opportunity to consider future directions of research in this area.


Papers and posters are invited that are consistent with the above conference theme; some other subthemes for suggestions of papers are as follows:

1.   Exploring the Nature of Emotion and Feelings:

•        Emotion, Feelings and the Body (i.e. embodiment, emotion and performativity, action principles, bodily responses to (di)stress)

•        Emotion, Feelings and Cognition (i.e. emotion and perception, appraisal)

•        Emotion, Feelings and Discourse (i.e. Language, cross cultural differences in understanding and expression of feeling and emotion)

•        Emotion, Feelings and Expression (i.e. facial expressions, discrepancies between feeling and expression, alternative/creative methods to express feeling)

2.   Exploring Key Themes in Emotion and Feeling Literature:

•        Emotion and Feelings in the workplace (i.e. Stress, emotion management, emotion work, emotional labour, emotional intelligence, authenticity in the workplace)

•        Emotion, Feelings and Gender (i.e. gender differences in expression, feminisation of emotion and feeling, masculinities and emotion, emotion within male dominated subcultures)

•        Emotion and feelings and the Social (i.e. display and feeling rules, impact of social structure on expression, status differences, moral poisitioning and emotions)

3.   Critical points and Future Directions in Emotion and Feeling Research:

•        Debates in Emotion and Feeling literature (i.e. Emotion Vs. reason, emotional distress Vs. mental illness, feelings and emotions as measurable/visible Vs. Internal, emotion and affect)

•        Innovative Methods to Measure Emotion and Feeling



Submissions should be tailored to one of the two following presentation types:

1.       Posters

2.       Paper presentations: Presenters of accepted papers will be accepted in slots of 20 minutes (15 minutes presentation time, 5 minutes questions).

Submissions should include:

1. Name and affiliation of all contributors

2. The title of your submission (20 words max)

3. An abstract of no more than 200 words

4. The sub-theme which your presentation most clearly aligns (e.g. expression and gender)

5. Type of presentation: standard paper or poster


Final submission deadline: 15th of February 2015

Please email your submission to

Keynotes Include:

Dr John Cromby John is a Reader in Psychology at Loughborough University. His co-authored Book 'Psychology, Mental Health and Distress' was the BPS 'Textbook of the Year' for 2014. His new book 'Feeling Bodies: Embodying Psychology' will be published in 2015.

Dr Zoe Boden Zoe is a Lecturer at London South Bank University; she is the founder of the QUaFE blog (Qualitative Approaches to Affect, Feelings and Emotions) and has been involved in a number of mental health based projects throughout her career.

Dr Jane Callaghan Jane is an Associate Professor at the University of Northampton, among other mental health based projects, Jane is the leader of the 'Understanding Agency and Resistance Strategy', in Collaboration with Womens Aid.

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