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#CfP #Tagung "#Kritische und #Radikalhumanistische AuO-#Psychologie"

Critical and Radical Humanist Work and Organizational Psychology

– International Conference –

Location: University of Innsbruck (Innrain 52), 2nd –3rd October 2020


Organizing Committee

Applied Psychology Unit of the Institute of Psychology, University of Innsbruck

· Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang G. Weber (

· PD Dr. Thomas Höge (

· PD Dr. Severin Hornung (

· Dr. Christine Unterrainer (


In cooperation with the Erich Fromm Study Center at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin

(Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühn, Dr. Rainer Funk).


Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and should stress the critical and radical humanistic content of the

contribution with explicit reference to the topics and spirit of this call for participation. The submission

deadline is Monday January 20th 2020. Abstracts should be submitted in English language via email



Conference Registration

In the spirit of inclusiveness and anti-economism, conference fees will be waived. Expenses for transport,

accommodation, and subsistence will have to be borne by participants. Please feel free to contact the

conference organizers for further information.



At the conference, contributions from the following theoretical approaches, their variations and

extensions will be discussed and ideas for their application, further development and integration in

research, practice and academic teaching in WOP will be developed and exchanged:


· Critical Psychology based on the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory (including Critical Theory

of the Subject)

· Radical Humanism and Analytical Social Psychology (according to Erich Fromm)

· Critical Management Studies

· Critical Psychology / Psychology from the Perspective of the Subject

· Activity Theory and Cultural Historical Psychology

· Critical traditions in Action Regulation Theory

· Self Determination Theory and criticisms of corporate capitalism



·         Der ausführliche Call for Papers, Inhalte und Einreichung von Abstracts:



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