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#CFP: 2nd multi-disciplinary conference on #food and #poverty in the UK; King’s College London, UK; 23-24 June 2020

CFP - The 2nd multi-disciplinary research conference on food and poverty in the UK: Evidence for Change

23rd & 24th June 2020, Bush House, King's College London


Following on from the inaugural research conference on UK food insecurity in 2018, Drs Rachel Loopstra and Hannah Lambie-Mumford are hosting a second research conference in June 2020 at King's College London. The conference theme is 'Evidence for Change', and the conference will focus on highlighting both the evidence base which demonstrates the need for change but also on how and what research evidence can be change-making.


The aim of the conference is to build understanding on how food insecurity research can make a difference to policy, practice, and lived experience. It will do this through showcasing research findings to a varied audience and exploring how to enhance the usability of evidence from the perspective of stakeholders including policy makers and practitioners.

The conference will have at its heart the importance of excellent research, collaboration and building relationships with research stakeholders. Academic paper streams will feature as part of a varied programme of panel sessions, workshops and plenaries.  Panel sessions will include voices from within central, devolved, and local government, and civil society organisations. There will also be workshops on conducting academic research in partnership with non-academic stakeholders and methods for doing so.


The conference will also be an opportunity to showcase primary research from across the UK in numerous paper sessions throughout the conference.


Call for Papers - Deadline: 28th February 2020, 17.00


To meet our conference aims, we are inviting academics, students, third-sector organisations and other applied or policy researchers conducting research on intersections of food and poverty in the UK to submit abstracts for consideration into the conference programme. Papers will be grouped according to how they fit with the following themes, though papers that fall outside these themes are also welcome to be submitted.

             Measuring and conceptualising the relationship between poverty and food experiences, including 'food insecurity'

             Lived experiences of food and poverty in the UK

             Determinants of household food insecurity and food bank usage in the UK

             Debates and dilemmas in the provision of charitable food assistance

             Public policy, welfare reform, and food insecurity

             Faith and food provision

             Evaluations of food insecurity interventions

             Health and nutritional impacts of food insecurity in the UK

             Social and emotional impacts of food insecurity in the UK

             Economic impacts of food insecurity in the UK

             UK food insecurity in comparative perspective


To make a submission, please use the abstract submission form on the conference website.


If you have any difficulties, please get in touch with


Please note: if you and collaborators/colleagues would like to submit a group of papers on a specific theme or research study, you may want to consider a group submission through the workshop proposal submission page. Please find more detail about these submissions under the workshop tab on the conference website:

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