Sonntag, 15. März 2020

#CfP Call for Brief Papers: Special Issue on #Covid-19


Call for Brief Papers: Special Issue on Covid-19

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis.. International borders are closed as a new virus spreads across the globe. Towns, cities, and countries are under lockdown. Schools, businesses, restaurants, theaters, and other gathering places have been shuttered. Thousands have died, and the numbers of the infected increase each day. 

How can we understand and address this situation as psychologists? Journal of Humanistic Psychology invites brief essays for consideration in a Special Issue about Covid-19.. Manuscripts might address any of the following topics:
  • Understanding the response to Covid-19 from a psychological perspective 
  • New work that is being conducted to address the crisis 
  • Effects of Covid-19 on your work (research or practice) or that of other psychologists
  • Humanistic-existential approaches to terror and dread
  • The place of hope and resilience
  • The psychological side of infectious diseases and pandemics
  • The psychological effects of curfews and lockdowns
  • Case reports or individual stories addressing any of the above
Brief essays should be between three and 10 APA-style pages. Given the rapidly evolving situation, manuscripts will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the issue is complete. Please submit your manuscript at


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